Friday, November 18, 2016

Judo Thinglink


  1. Dear Grace, I really liked the way you used a background that was bright and the way you used tags that stood out. Next time I think you should check your capital letters
    From Lucy

  2. Dear Grace
    Like the way that you said you want to that you want to become a judo athlete (or whatever it is called)
    Why would you freak out if someone said you could go to the Olympics?
    From Kapua

  3. Dear Grace,
    What a great achievement for your uncle. Th eRio Olympics have already been held so which Olympic Games would you aim for and when are they?
    from Mrs T

  4. Dear Grace
    You thinglink is judo you work is achievement
    And the people are all their.
    But you have to say more to them
    From dayvd

  5. Dear Grace.
    I like the way you did it Grace I like Judo.
    you could do something different of Judo
    From Arty